Debug Mode

Press P to pause game play. Then, press LS, A, Up, Down, RS, Up to activate debug mode.

The last three letters of the password will change to PWR to confirm correct code entry. Press B + Up or B + Down to scroll through the levels and screens, which will appear in the password box. The passwords are:

VRGN 1 - VRGN 5 - unlocks five secret Doom-like levels modeled after the interior of Virgin Studios.

GMWNNR - displays the game winning scene.

GMQVR - displays the game over scene.

SCQRS - displays the High Score screen.

CRDTS - displays the Credits screen.

LQGQS - displays the Q Sound logo screen.

LSTNG#BTH - displays the Listening Booth.

PASSWQRD - displays the Password Select screen.

OPTIONS - displays the Options menu.

TTLSCRN - displays the Title screen.

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