Walkthrough by Pneuma Films

This walkthrough provides hints of what Inspector Jenks should do at certain points in the game. These points are ordered by percentage of completion:


Simon knows more about Kate than he's saying. He claims only to have known her for 3 months, but he knew her at college?


Kate gave Rebecca £20 for a breakage, but she didn't find a broken glass? What about the broken window?


Emma says she went home last Thursday night, so wasn't around last Friday. But when did she say she saw James?


If Kate was desperate for money from Emma, how come she was always buying new jewellery and things?


Emma says she has never met Ryan. But wouldn't she have met him at Atlas, that one time she went?


James says he doesn't know much about plants. What was his degree in again?


What was that herbal tea James was trading with Simon, Salvia? Didn't he say he didn't give Salvia to anyone else?


Ryan claims he doesn't recognise any of the symbols on the flyer. But wasn't one the 'tripple goddess' symbol he talked about?


Ryan never came into contact with Third Eye. But if Third Eye were based at the village hall, didn't Ryan say they were based there too?


Paul said Atlas don't allow drink or drugs on site. Yet they didn't seem to mind Liam drinking...


Paul claims he doesn't recognise the bag, but didn't he say he knew about the Monarch Costumes shop?


Emma says she didn't really know Liam, yet she was in a band called Black Stone - who else was in that band?


So Emma was on holiday the night Liam died. But didn't she say she witnessed Paul's money stealing stunt? What did Paul say happened that night?


Paul claims he hardly knew Emma, but didn't he admit to buying someone a necklace as a present once? And didn't Emma say her necklace was an unwanted gift?


Ryan doesn't know anything about Devil worship, yet didn't he say he used to read about it when he was younger?


Paul claims it's impossible to be hurt or damaged in any way by hypnosis. Lisa probably wouldn't agree...


Paul always avoids romantic relationships with students, does he? What about Emma?


Simon owns a new car. So what was the bike for?


Rebecca has prescription pain killers, but didn't she say she liked to 'stay pure?'


Atlas don't keep any medicines or drugs on site. Where did Ryan say he kept his prescription pain killers?


Ryan said the morphine is kept in a secure store room, but wasn't Simon's laptop stolen from there?


Admit it Simon, of course you know the combination to the mirror room!


Ryan said the money was an incentive for Kate, but isn't that the same as a bribe?


Simon took morphine with Kate in the mirror room, but what did Simon say he was allergic to?


Ryan claimed students aren't tested, but what did he say that money was for?


Paul says they don't use threshold testing, but what was on that CD in the mirror room?


Rebecca taped over that broken window last week. When did she say she last used that tape?