Cat Burglar (Netflix)

Guide by cetrata93  

Gameplay: After a Pre-Introduction (that changes depending on what device you are accessing the game from), your goal will be to steal all 6 paintings by going through 6 Runs.

• Each run has 6 rounds with 3 questions each.

• Each question has 2 answer options.

• Select the best possible answer for all 3 to make it to the next round.

• Answer any question wrong and you lose a life.

• Lose 3 lives to get a game over sequence and start from the beginning of the current run you are in.

• Each round has 4 possible sequences that is randomized (and changes every run or if you get a question wrong).

Paintings: Get through all 6 rounds to get a painting (and a different ending sequence). Get all 6 paintings and the game loops on the final painting run indefinitely.

Additional Info: If you lose a life for the first time, you get an instructions sequence. If you don't select anything for the first time, you get a special instruction sequences that changes depending on what device you are using.

There are 5 game over sequences that the game goes through before it repeats on the 5th one indefinitely.

After the first run, sequences for each round leading up to the question are shortened considerably. After each round, you can reset to the next run or view credits.

Restarting from Netflix's menu page is the only way to wipe out all progress and see previous endings and game over sequences.