Barbie Epic Road Trip (Netflix)

Guide by cetrata93  

Choice 1: To Destiny or Dreams.

Both lead to Choice 2.

Choice 2: Express Route or Scenic Route

Express Route leads to Choice 3 while Scenic Route leads to Choice 18.

Choice 3: Ken's Map or Skipper's GPS.

Both lead to Choice 4.

Choice 4: Camp at Roswell or Keep Driving.

Camp at Roswell leads to Choice 13 while Keep Driving leads to Choice 5.

Choice 5: See Magic Show or Go Dancing.

See Magic Show leads to Choice 7 while Go Dancing leads to Choice 6.

Choice 6: Go Big or Play it Cool.

Both lead to Choice 7 but Go Big impresses Jacinda while Play it Cool doesn't. Impressing or not impressing Jacinda will be one of the factors that affect the ending for Express Route.

Choice 7: Order Waffles or Order Pancakes.

Order Waffles leads to Choice 12 while Order Pancakes leads to Choice 8.

Choice 8: Ken Gets Popcorn or Stay for Peanuts.

Both lead to Choice 9.

Choice 9: Play Short Song or Play Long Song.

Play Short Song leads to Choice 10 while Play Long Song leads to Ending 1.

Choice 10: More Than Friends or Take it Slow.

Both lead to Choice 11 if accessed through Express (or Scenic with aliens encountered) or Choice 20 if accessed through Scenic without aliens encountered) but Ken's relationship status will be one of the factors in changing the ending options for Express Route.

Choice 11: Run For it or Take Subway.

Run for It takes you to one of the endings based on factors explained at the end of the guide while Take Subway loops to Run For It (unless you encountered Aliens in the Camp in which case they will take you to the destination for one of the endings described.

Choice 12: Use Dog Sanctuary or Use Match Mutts.

Use Dog Sanctuary leads to Choice 9 while Match Mutts leads to Choice 8.

Choice 13: Have a Bonfire or Have a Picnic.

Have a Bonfire will lead to Choice 15 while Have a Picnic will lead to a Choice 14 the first time and then if entered after encountering aliens will lead to Choice 8 if accessed on express route or Choice 15 if accessed through Scenic Route.

Choice 14: Investigate mystery sound or Run For Safety.

Investigate Mystery Sound leads you to Choice 2. Run for Safety leads you to Choice 8 if accessed through Express Route or Choice 15 if accessed through Scenic Route.

Note: If the Investigate selection is selected, the option to choose won't be available unless you restart and it will alter the scene to play Run For It each time thereafter. It also alters Take the Subway's path to have aliens transport Barbie instead of getting stuck on the Subway. Be aware that encountering aliens will disable the option of the Scenic Route New York Choices and will go to Express Route Choices instead.

Choice 15: Ride Burros or Use Hang Glider.

Both lead to Choice 16.

Choice 16: Go Find Ken or Think it Over.

Both lead to Choice 17.

Choice 17: Sister Dogs or Truffles.

Sister Dogs leads to Have a Bonfire if not encountered previously (Scenic and then Have a Picnic is a way to access it) or Ending 2 if encountered. Truffles leads to Choice 9.

Choice 18: Follow Ping or Go to Dino Park.

Follow Ping leads to Choice 13 while Go to Dino Park leads to Choice 19.

Choice 19: Choose Toy or Choose Fortune.

Both lead to Choice 13.

Note: Choosing Fortune will alter the beginning of the Have a Picnic option to reference the fortune option.

Choice 20: Restart the App or Plan B.

Restart the App leads to Ending 3 while Plan B leads to Ending 6 (Best Ending).

Ending 1: Play Long Song at Choice 9.

Ending 2. Sister Dogs with Bonfire already encountered.

Ending 3. Scenic Route without aliens encountered and then select Restart the App.

Ending 4. Express Route without impressing Jacinda and staying friends with Ken.

Ending 5. Express route and impressing Jacinda or being more than friends with Ken but not both.

Ending 6 (Best Ending). Either Plan B during the ending of Scenic Route (without aliens) or impressing Jacinda and being more than friends with Ken on the Express Route.

Make sure to watch the credits for outtakes.