Detective Burton is outside the law, following a trail of unsolved crimes to a small town called Garden.

When a local man is found dead, Burton is determined to pin it on his nemesis... Even if a young man has already confessed.

As Burton grows more obsessed, it's up to you to sort truth from fiction, because an old snake's been whispering in folks' ears again...

Release: 2009

Developer: Areo Cinematic Games

Publisher: Areo Cinematic Games

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Part three of the Casebook trilogy which is shot and developed in New Zealand.

Developer Areo used an innovative technology called Areograph to create environments that seamlessly blend with the FMV. The technology transforms a series of photos into 3D scenes which can then be freely explored on a computer or console.

The "special edition" trilogy pack includes an all-new ranking system, updated evidence folder, and new DNA and Chemical minigames.

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The entire "Casebook" series is excellent.

Detective Burton..... Julian Temple

Directed by..... Sam Clarkson

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