The Birchermann kids have it rough. Their mother's dead, their Step-Mother is a pill-popping soap star and their father's struggling with his demons - and now they've been kidnapped. You and Detective Burton are first on the scene, but untangling this one's going to be ... interesting.

(description from the developer's website)

Release: 2008

Developer: Areo Cinematic Games

Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo/Big Fish

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7


Now available from Big Fish Games.

Part one of the ongoing Casebook series which is shot and developed in New Zealand.

There is a "special edition" trilogy pack that features all 3 episodes. Includes the all-new ranking system, an updated evidence folder, and new DNA and Chemical minigames.

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The entire "Casebook" series is excellent.

Detective Burton..... Julian Temple

Directed by..... Sam Clarkson

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