How far could one man's ashes go? When Detective Burton's Aunt Maggie is involved, who's to say? It's a mystery of curious proportions when her husband's ashes go walkabout. She's looked everywhere, except the basement ... and you'll see why.

(description from the developer's website)

Release: 2009

Developer: Areo Cinematic Games

Publisher: Areo Cinematic Games

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7


Part zero of the ongoing Casebook series is actually just a short demo.
You can download this free demo HERE.

Developer Areo uses an innovative technology called Areograph to create environments that seamlessly blend with the FMV. The technology transforms a series of photos into 3D scenes which can then be freely explored on a computer or console.

There is a "special edition" trilogy pack that includes the all-new ranking system, an updated evidence folder, and new DNA and Chemical minigames.

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Free Casebook demo. Awesome!

Detective Burton..... Julian Temple

Directed by..... Sam Clarkson

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