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Sol Cutter has something on his mind...in two hours it's going to explode!

The original cinematic adventure game, where engrossing game-play meets Blade Runner-style cinematic action. Plunge into this surrealistic world where dozens of characters compel you through mind-expanding challenges, and one shocking conclusion.

Use your brain or lose your mind.

(description from the back of the CD-i Version)

Release: 1994

Developer: Trip Media Limited

Publisher: Philips Interactive Media

Type: First-Person Adventure

Platforms: CD-i, Mac, PC


Burn: Cycle was one of Philips' flagship video games for their CD-i console. It really showed that the console was capable of more than just playing movies or educational games.

Sol Cutter..... Aaron Swartz

Gala..... Abigail Canton

Kris..... Viva Duce

Female Cutter..... Tanya Pohlkotte

Directed by..... Eitan Arrusi

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