Following in the footsteps of Don Bluth's classic Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, BrainDead 13 adds the ability to fully control where you'll take Lance throughout this fully animated interactive adventure.

You are Lance, a young computer expert who is called to fix a computer at a bizarre and dilapidated castle. After repairing the large super-computer within the castle, you learn of Dr. Nero Neurosis' diabolical plan to take over the world! Once you discover the secret plan you find yourself being chased around the castle by Fritz, a psychotic servant of Dr. Neurosis -- an evil disembodied brain. Guide Lance through the deadly and mysterious castle to defeat Dr. Neurosis and save the world from his evil plans.

Release: 2010

Developer: Readysoft

Publisher: Digital Leisure

Type: Quicktime

Platforms: iPad, iPhone and others


Title One
Vid Pic Two      

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Originally released in 1995. In addition to iOS, it was released for 3DO, CD-i, Sega Saturn, Jaguar CD, Playstation, Windows, and MS-Dos.

You can take different paths to reach the end.

The player has infinite lives.



Indicators and controls are an improvement.

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