I was just returning a video when all of a sudden, there she was... the woman of my dreams. The next thing I know, I'm duking it out with these dudes in cheap polyester suits, getting shot in the chest, and waking up in some parallel world called Eseveron. As if that weren't enough, I've got to solve the centuries old mystery of this primitive place, avoid death by just about every possible means, and save my sorry hide (not to mention the planet.)

(description from the back of the PC Version)

Release: 1997

Developer: Advance Reality

Publisher: Any River Entertainment

Type: Adventure

Platforms: Windows 95


Although actor Rob Schneider (known for the "Deuce Bigelow" films) appears on the cover, he only provides the voice-over for the protagonist.

The advertised new "Immersion Engine" delivered the live-action video at 15 frames per second.

Features three difficulty levels, multiple endings, and over 4,000 random lines of dialogue.



Good fun but can seem repetitive.

Delivery Guy..... Rob Schneider

Naranya..... Catherine Goodman

Andre Conlin..... Fred Barson

King..... Brian Vouglas

Directed by..... Rob Lay, Debra Quayle

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