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An Adventure Set in the World of a 1940's Private Eye

Dames are trouble, but trouble is your business. For a dame, and maybe a hundred bucks in advance, you'd lose a few teeth and a few friends. For sweet Carol Klein, you might even stand in front of a gun or two. Ina sleazy world of corrupt officials, stolen diamonds, lust and murder, you must solve the case and stay alive.

(description from the back of the PC Version)

Title: The Dame Was Loaded

Release: 1996

Developer: Beam Software Pty. Ltd.

Publisher: Philips Interactive MEdia

Type: Adventure/Mystery

Platforms: Mac, PC

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"The Dame Was Loaded" was Australia's biggest-ever multimedia production when it was made.

Scott Anger..... Matthew King

Carol Klein..... Tiffany Lamb

Ralph Spencer..... Randall Burger

Directed by..... Jo Lane

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