The once magnificent Kingdoms of Weigard, Iscar and Illes have fallen into decay. The dark sorcerer Sorsabal and his minions have conquered the land and all but destroyed the noble race of the Edler Kings. Lead Thayer Alconred, a young magician's apprentice, on a perlious quest to restore an amulet of great power to defeat Sorsabal and return the Kingdoms to their rightful rule.

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Title: Thayer's Quest

Release: 1985, 2005

Developer: Logicware, Inc.

Publisher: Digital Leisure, Inc.

Type: Interactive Role-Playing Game

Platforms: Halcyon (PC/DVD 2005)

Title One
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"Thayer's Quest" is also known as "Kingdom: The Far Reaches" (3DO, CD-i).

"Thayer's Quest" was originally an arcade game. It was released as a stand-alone but also as a money-saving conversion kit that allowed Arcade Owners to convert a Dragon's Lair or Space Ace game at a substantial savings.

Created by Rick Dyer, the man behind Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, Thayer's Quest was revolutionary in that it used a keyboard instead of a joystick.

Thayer's Quest was one of the games available for Rick Dyer's revolutionary home gaming system Halcyon.



Good idea that falls a bit short.

Druce the Wizard..... Regis Cordic

Lady in the Woodlands..... Linda Gary

Produced by..... Rick Dyer

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