The savage warlord Fang Tu promises to put everyone's heart on a stake unless he gets the mask that you have secreted in your sack. Your old master Kai delivers this warrior's challenge: you must battle each of Fang Tu's warlords, gain their special powers and defeat Fang Tu in order to save the day. Along the way, the beautiful Yu Ching - another of Master Kai's students - will give you what help she can....It won't be easy...these are some of the baddest dudes in China!

(description from the back of the Sega CD Version)

Title: Supreme Warrior

Release: 1994

Developer: Digital Pictures, Inc.

Publisher: Sega of America

Type: Fighting

Platforms: 3DO, Mac, PC, Sega CD

Title One
Vid Pic One      

Filmed on location in China on the Shaw Brothers' "Shaw Town" backlot.

Your opponents in the game are actual martial arts champions.



Authentic kung-fu movie experience.

Vivian Wu..... Yu Ching

Roger Yuan..... Fang-Tu

Chaplin Chang..... Master Kai

Richard Norton..... Earth Warlord

Ron Yuan..... Wind Warlord

Chuck Jeffreys..... Fire Warlord

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