Do you have the reflexes, the speed, and the guts to be a Ninja?

If you think you do, then the Castle of Evil and the Dark Lord, Lougi, await you. Your raw courage and pure heart are necessary to face traps and creatures like the fire breathing Marco Kilmore, the Wolves of Seidenfeld, the Immortal Skeleton Warriors of the Undead, and other monsters.

You will need all your wits, speed, and Ninja skills to avenge your father's death, reclaim your family's honor, and become a Master of the Ninja Arts!

Title: Revenge of the Ninja

Release: 1993

Developer: Data East / Wolf Team

Publisher: Renovation Products

Type: Quicktime

Platforms: Sega CD, Playstation (Japan)

Title Three

Title One
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Title Two

Home-port of the arcade game Ninja Hayate by Taito.

Produced by Toei Animation who also provided animation for Time Gal.

The game features 15 different levels.



Gets repetitive but nice visuals.


Essentially a Dragon's Lair-type action game, this is more a treat to watch then to play. The game could provide a few more continues, and your skills will rely more on memorization than anything else. Nice animation though

REVIEW SCORES: 8 / 7 / 5 / 6 / 6      [TOTAL: 6.4 out of 10]

SEGA VISIONS February - March 1994

GRAPHICS 3 out of 5 • SOUND & MUSIC 3 out of 5 • PLAY CONTROLS 3 out of 5 • DEPTH & CHALLENGE 2 out of 5 • OVERALL FUN 3 out of 5

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