April 20, 2018


Screaming Villains' Tyler Hogle gave insight into the delayed Xbox One and European PlayStation 4 releases:

Xbox: "I hired a developer to work on the Xbox version for me so I could handle Vita. After a few months, that person had to back out. Didn't complete any of the work."

PS4 (Europe): "To get the game rated by PEGI, you must submit an application via email and then you are given login info to their site so you can submit everything to get your game rated. My application went in their spam folder along with several other emails checking the status, and they didn't notice it until about 6 months later. I wish I was making that up."

"By the time all of this stuff had happened, Switch somehow became a definite thing. It didn't make sense for PS4 to have a release date, Europe have a different release date, Xbox have a different one, Switch have a different one etc. so if everything goes to plan then Xbox and Europe will be released at the same time as Switch. That's what happened. When I said "I have no control over stuff" I meant it. I couldn't explain all of this because it would've blown my cover on the Switch version which I couldn't announce yet."

VIA: Facebook Night Trap Group

       April 20, 2018


VIA: @LimitedRunGames on Twitter

       July 27, 2017

Release Date: August 11 (Physical) August 15 (Digital)

Standard Edition (Physical): Limited to 5000 at $24.99

Collector's Edition (Physical): Limited to 3000 at $54.99

UPDATE: It's just been announced that the never-before-seen Night Trap prototype SCENE OF THE CRIME will be INCLUDED with all copies of NIGHT TRAP 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION!

In addition to the $14.99 digital version which will be available in the Playstation Store, there will be a limited-edition physical disc copy of Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition for Playstation 4. Limited Run Games has released the Night Trap Product Pages for both the Standard and Collector's Editions.


Standard edition is limited to 5,000 copies available worldwide. Region free. Includes full-color manual, large fold-out poster, and reversible cover art. WARNING: This item is limited to TWO per customer. Any attempt to circumvent this limit may result in a canceled order.


The Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition Collector's Edition comes with: Region free Night Trap physical disc for the PlayStation 4 featuring a full-color manual, large fold-out poster, and reversible cover art. Night Trap cassette tape featuring the infamous Night Trap theme song. A 4-inch custom embroidered Special Control Attack Team patch on black ballistic fiber. An individually numbered shrink-wrapped box specially tooled and tailored to be a throwback to the original red box Sega CD release of Night Trap. WARNING: This item is limited to ONE per customer.

       June 28, 2017

Deleted Scenes and Survivor Mode Announced!

Night Trap developer Tyler Hogle (Screaming Villains) did a podcast with SegaBits and revealed a game mode called SURVIVOR MODE (listen below at 21:45). In Survivor Mode you compete with the global leaderboards to catch random augers.

"It works in rounds. For each round you'll have augs that appear randomly throughout the house," said Hogle. "At the start of each round, there's a color code change. You need to switch the code color and catch all the augs" to move on to the next round. Check out the entire interview below:

Hogle also announced that DELETED SCENES will be added back into the game, including the scene where the player has the option to trap Commander Simms in the living room. Stay tuned!

       June 23, 2017


Night Trap developer Screaming Villains has revealed a new feature called Theater Mode that allows players to rewatch scenes from Night Trap straight from the game menu. Watch it in action:

       June 09, 2017

First Gameplay Footage Revealed

We briefly viewed the new Night Trap interface in the Announcement Trailer, but developer Screaming Villains has given us our first extended in-game footage from Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition:

The new interface recreates a desktop setup with a video monitor and what appears to be SCAT reports lying on the table. The video feed from the game appears on the in-game moitor. The Announcement Trailer also flashed a few frames of what appear to be some additional familar-looking UI options. See below:


       May 03, 2017

Video Reveals the Process Behind The New NT Cover

Artist Grimbo has released a video showing the process behind painting the re-creation of the Night Trap red box Sega CD cover:

April 27, 2017

3 Covers Announced Plus Possible Pricing

Limited Run Games announced that the limited edition physical copies of Night Trap will come in 3 variant covers including re-creations of both Sega CD covers and the Sega 32x CD cover.

The limited edition physical copies "are typically $10 more than the digital price" according to the developer Tyler Hogle. The digital price has not yet been announced, but we'll report final pricing once it is confirmed.

April 27, 2017

Night Trap is Coming to Consoles This Spring

Today the Official Playstation YouTube account released the announcement trailer for Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition. The game will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Spring and will be available as a digital download and as a physical disc. The physical disc copies will be in very limited supply and will be sold through the Limited Run Games website.

For more information on Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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