Walkthrough by Evil


You must get the four codes and save Brutus:

1) Save Alex with fireplace trap (optional).

2) Stop thug from turning off power in storage room.

3) Get code in Brutus' room.

4) Capture handyman in Brutus' room (optional).

5) Get code in grads' room.

6) Get code in band's room.

7) Stop thug from turning off power in storage room.

8) Save Brutus in his room by using the punch trap on Luigi when he pulls out the gun.

9) Trap handyman in storage (optional).

10) Get code in Alex's room.


Act II is the longest of the three acts. Don't trap the handyman during this act. He will give you traps that you will need later on.

1) Use column on intruders in lobby to save Jeff and Phoebe (optional).

2) Trap Eddie in Alex's room with fireplace (optional).

3) Stop intruder at power box in storage room.

4) Get basket trap in Brutus' room.

5) Get trap in grads' room. QUICKLY DO STEP SIX!

6) Save Sammy in the band's room with lamp trap.

7) Save Alex with window trap in her room.

8) Save Phoebe! First disarm the coffin trap as the mummy tries to spring it on her (position to that trap on your trap bar and keep hitting your disarm button). The mummy will then give up and drop the remote. Arm the hand trap and let him have it when he steps on the tile on the floor. Immediately do step 9!

9) Get conveyor belt trap in basement.

10) Get cage trap in the band room. Note: Timing is tricky here; If you keep switching from room to room while Lyle is giving his speech, you'll not be able to save Brutus next. In other words, stick to this room until you get the trap. When Lyle picks up his screwdriver, he'll say "Well, here you are." Right after he says this, you'll notice an intruder in Brutus' room. DON'T GO THERE YET! Instead, wait until the cage appears on your trap bar and *THEN* IMMEDIATELY go to Brutus' room.

11) Brutus will be running for his life from the mummy. QUICKLY disarm the basket trap or the mummy will use it on Brutus. As soon as Brutus is off of the trigger, re-arm it! The mummy will step on the trap and you can give him some more of his own medicine!

12) Stop lead intruder from turning off controls in basement by using the elevator trap on him.

13) Go to the band's room and disarm the cage as the mummy tries to use it on Jeff. After Jeff moves off of the switch, you need to re-arm it and get the mummy again.

14) Get your chair trap in Alex's room.

15) Go to the storage room and get the phone box trap. As soon as (THIS MUST BE DONE REEEEEAAAALLLY FAST) the phone box appears on your trap bar, go to the basement and use the conveyor trap on Eddie before he shuts you off.

16) Eddie is going to appear in the storage room and try to pull your phone lines. Punching him with the phone box trap takes practice, but mainly depends upon you springing the trap a split-second BEFORE he grabs it (this is the hardest trap in the game).

17) In Alex's room, disarm the chair trap. This scene is faster than the others, so when Alex steps off of it, RE-ARM IT QUICKLY. The mummy steps on it almost immediately after she is off of it. Trap him.


Act III is as short as Act I, but has the tricky timing of Act II.

1) Stop intruder at power box in storage room.

2) In the lobby, hit Eddie with the column trap as he runs after Alex and Phoebe.

3) You then need to go to the basement and get him again at the conveyor. He's going to be coming from INSIDE the trap, so trigger the trap immediately and spring it as he steps on the conveyor.

4) In Alex's room, arm the chair and wait for her to push Eddie onto the trigger. When she does, trigger the trap on him and go immediately to the basement.

5) In the basement, the head intruder is going to try to shut off your controls. You must catch him at the elevator as he comes in or the game is over.

6) In the grads' room again, Eddie will struggle with Phoebe. When he does, he'll accidentally step on the hand trap trigger. Grab him!

7) The lead intruder will soon be at it again in the storage room. He's going to go for the phone lines, so get him with the phone box trap.

8) Go back up to the band room and get ready with the cage trap. Eddie will run in and stop on the switch - nail him.

9) FINALLY! Get Eddie in Brutus's room with the basket trap.

10) Watch the conclusion OR watch the Double Switch Movie!


Hidden Video Scene

Play through until you reach Act III, then lose the game intentionally. When the screen goes dim, and the Game Over video starts to play, quickly press on Controller 1:

Left, A, Up, Right, A

The normal scene will disappear, and you'll see a weird sequence instead.

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